The new landmark in trailer refrigeration

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Built from ambition

fastest pulldown on the market today

engine-independent airflow for unrivalled cooling efficiency

radical innovation that drives you light-years ahead

Engine-independent airflow greater cargo protection at reduced operating costs

Vaccines or vegetables? Fully variable airflow – independent from unit engine speed – lets you meticulously control trailer conditions to create the perfect climate for every type of cargo. All the while dramatically increasing fuel efficiency thanks to our 48V DC mild hybrid architecture. The result? The highest airflow on the market in trailers up to 15.6 meters long.*

That’s right, Advancer's unique airflow capabilities protect your precious load at less cost.

* Achieved with optional air straightener for
trailer loaded according to best practices

The cheetah

of pulldown

Advancer delivers the fastest pulldown on the road today. It’s up to 40% quicker to pull down in comparative testing under lab conditions.

Our direct drive design helps you get trailers cooled faster, recover from door openings faster, and start making money faster.

sustained success

From the labs to the streets

As you know, the proof is in the pudding. And Advancer has conquered every challenge we have thrown at it:

  • tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation?
    No parts replaced. No issues detected. No sweat.
  • multiple units sent all over the world with a variety of cargo?
    Advancer delivered each load on-time and on-target.
  • over 1,000,000 kilometers driven under the harshest conditions?
    Extreme heat or cold? Advancer delivers exceptional performances throughout.


Advancer was designed with fewer moving parts to help minimize both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Take changing your air filter: it now takes 60% less time than before.

60% reduction in
  • Less overall servicing required
  • reduction in unscheduled servicing
30% Less overall

Advancer pays itself
back in less than
24 months

The incremental investment for acquiring an Advancer unit is typically recuperated in less than 24 months thanks to its standout fuel savings, system efficiency, and uptime.

your savings

Find out exactly how much switching to Advancer can save your transport business with our all-new SmartSaver tool.

Based on just a few questions, your dealer can create a custom-made savings overview for your fleet. Not only financial, of course, but covering sustainability and maintenance as well.

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Increased fuel efficiency
for business-wide

Advancer is the first-ever unit to display and record fuel consumption data – accessible on the HMI and via TK TracKing portal – including: fuel consumption by trip, total consumed liters per hour, total consumption / remaining fuel and alerts on fuel theft.


More fuel-efficient
than its predecessor


Did you know that two-thirds of all service call outs are related to empty fuel tanks and flat batteries after long standstills?

We did. Which is why Advancer has a sensor on the battery and an optional fuel sensor inside the tank. This way, warnings will reach you before it's too late and you can evolve from reactive to proactive maintenance with confidence.

Helping realize
the largest
in b2b

Trane Technologies – our parent company – has challenged itself to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint by 1 gigaton by 2030. That’s the annual emissions of France, Italy and the UK combined.

Thermo King has responded with Advancer – a trailer refrigeration unit that was built with ambitious sustainability goals at its core. Its carbon-neutral production process, lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions equate to the equivalent of planting 50 trees per unit, per year.

Is that ambitious enough for you?

Alternative Energy

Advancer can adapt to a variety of power sources including shore power, hybrid, holdover battery, axle generator and even integrated solar panels for battery charging.

Your entry
ticket to any

Advancer is 100% compliant with any European emission legislation – from NRMM Stage V to urban Low Emission Zones across the continent.

Thanks to the unit’s reduced emissions, hybrid and axle power capabilities, and power-agnostic design – Advancer is sure to pass any future regulatory test with flying colors.

Quietly traverse the last mile


Can you hear the silence?

Advancer* lets you run inner city deliveries at night without waking up a soul.

*The Advancer Whisper Pro model is PIEK compliant.

work smarter not harder

The most intelligent trailer refrigeration unit ever helps you react to potential disruptions before they even occur. As the first unit ever Advancer comes with a free 2-year Connected Solutions subscription.

Incidents outside of your control? Full traceability of individual deliveries lets you demonstrate temperature records to meet all regulatory and customer requirements.

Advanced capabilities with BlueBox as standard


  • 24/7 - 365
  • two-way connectivity

Tracking web platform

  • 24/7 - 365
  • two-way communication
  • regardless of location
  • full fleet management
  • alerts & notifications

powerful chip brilliant interface

Think smartphone manufacturers have a monopoly on the latest thing? Think again. Advancer’s new controller can handle most operations in 3 clicks, boasts a large color screen and has an icon-based user interface for driver convenience. That will help your drivers to get going quicker.

The new landmark in trailer refrigeration

Go get your


all-round refrigeration excellence A powerful engine, engine-independent fan speed and precise temperature control.



the new standard in trailer refrigeration Comes with electronic engine speed control and with extra features to boost fuel efficiency.



when your cargo deserves the best of the best Flagship model that offers the highest level of fuel efficiency, refrigeration capacity and temperature management.