A hybrid solution
for trailer refrigeration

The best of both worlds

When people think hybrid, they only think of city centres. But with Advancer Hybrid, it's time to think bigger. Designed for urban area access as well as interregional delivery, it lets you enjoy a new standard in hybrid performance. And with the combined power of Frigoblock’s electric ingenuity and Thermo King’s renowned architecture, it's seriously the best of both worlds.

At a glance

  • compatible with major alternative fuel sources: CNG, LNG and biofuel
  • lower fuel consumption: save up to 5.000 litres of fuel per unit, per year
  • reduce CO2 emissions by up to 13.500 kg per unit, per year
  • easy entry into any city centre with geofencing technology
  • fewer engine hours resulting in extended lifetime and less maintenance

Your entry ticket
to any city centre

Apart from the advantages for interregional operations, delivering your goods in perfect condition is what matters in the end. With Hybrid, there's zero compromises on product freshness and cooling capacity, but you enjoy low emissions and reduced noise. And your drivers don't have to flick a single switch, everything happens automatically thanks to geofencing technology.

  • compliant with diesel ban, PIEK and (U)LEZ
  • automatic switch with geofencing technology

Available on

Single temp

Built from ambition

  • Fastest pulldown on the market
  • Redesigned from the ground up based on your demands
  • Engine-independent airflow for unrivalled cooling efficiency
Available on the A-360, A-400 and A-500 models
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Mastering Multi-temp

  • Bespoke multi-temp A-Series controller
  • Set point accuracy up to 0.5°C
  • Up to 20% fuel savings
  • Fast temperature recovery
Available on the A-500 model
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