Advancer Spectrum


Mastering multi-temp

Control every inch of your trailer. With Spectrum, your fleet becomes flexible like never before. Ultra-precise multi-zone temperature control, with the landmark Advancer reliability and pulldown times. Spectrum gives a total sense of multi-temp mastery.

At a glance

  • Bespoke multi-temp A-Series controller
  • Set point accuracy up to 0.5°C
  • Up to 20% fuel savings
  • Fast temperature recovery

Unlock the full capabilities of your fleet

Spectrum unlocks multi-temp configurations, but can also be used as a single temp unit. Whether you need it freezing cold at the back and only slightly chilly in the front or frozen solid all the way across, the Spectrum controls the temperature(s) across your trailer down to half a centigrade.

The flexibility of a multi-temp unit, with the full force of Advancer. Access both the last mile and highways with one vehicle. Adapt effortlessly to peak demands.

advancer trailer

Compatible with

Powered by the road

  • Industry leading Smart Power Management
  • Tractor independent
  • Refrigeration unit can save up to 70%-100% fuel
  • Zero-emission refrigeration
Available on A-360, A-400, A-500 and A-500e
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Best of both worlds

  • Compatible with major alternative fuel sources: CNG, LNG and biofuel
  • Lower fuel consumption: save up to 5.000 litres of fuel per unit, per year
  • Easy entry into the city centre with geofencing technology
Available on A-360, A-400, A-500
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Lower emissions,
highest performance

  • Ultra-efficient diesel engine
  • Unmatched range and reliability
  • Reduced oil and coolant temperatures for less component stress and longer-lived engines
  • Bio-fuel compatibility to prepare your fleet for the future of fuel
Available on A-360, A-400, A-500
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